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MOD Certified former Fit for Radio Defender 110

Used 2022 Land Rover Defender 110|200 Miles

Black Exterior | 8 Cyl. |Automatic Transmission
Internet Price$25,000

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This 1989 Land Rover Defender 110 Tithonus is a certified Ministry of Defense “Tithonus vehicle” maintained exclusively for Officer use only. This truck began life in the UK and was reborn as a military radio truck fitted for radio (FFR). The radio has been removed as part of the decommissioning exercise in order to sell it to the public. “The Tithonus Project,” named after the Greek god of renewal, was started by the Ministry of Defense in the UK as a cost saving measure. Rather than buying and outfitting new trucks in 2007-2008, they handpicked a select few 1985-89 110 models for an extensive factory rebuild. They took only the very highest quality of 110’s available and completely rebuilt the trucks. Each was taken down to a nut and bare-metal respray and meticulously reassembled with British Military heavy duty axles/wheels and ultra-dependable diesel engines. All the vehicles were painted NATO Green. When you pop the bonnet, you’ll see a distinctive turquoise colored engine. The truck was built for British Radio Officers only and went into duty in Germany, thus the reason why it was fitted with a left-hand drive steering wheel. However, the key turns counter clockwise as the tumbler mechanism is from the original right-hand drive model. Because it was an FFR, lower rank enlisted military were not allowed to drive the vehicle. It was reserved exclusively for officers. After a brief military engagement in Germany, seeing only the highest quality of regular maintenance, it was brought back the UK, and most recently, imported to the US. As a radio truck, the MOD added a much taller composite fiberglass Wolf-style hardtop. Side by side, these are about 3-4 inches taller than a regular Land Rover roof. These roofs were put in place to offer more headroom, but specifically to make sure radio equipment stayed dry. They are extremely well-sealed. Additionally, these trucks were fitted with a super heavy-duty Wolf roll bar system. Checker plates (diamond plates) were added on the hoods, fender tops, and rocker sills. They also moved the spare Jerry cans of fuel from the back bumpers and put them into 2 enclosed, lockable side cubbies for safety and security. Because it was a radio truck, additional antenna mounts were added on the front fenders. The headlight switch is a unique 6-way military selector style knob for a whole series of different black out or full light possibilities. These vehicles were fitted with 2.5 Lt Diesel non-turbo, dependable mechanical fuel injection and are naturally aspirated engines. The transmissions are a later model 5-speed LT77 gearbox. Although this Tithonus Defender isn’t road-ready at the moment, this legally imported ex-military car is a great candidate for a comprehensive project or a donor car. Black Bridge Motors can help you rebuild this Defender to exceed all expectations. Asking price for the truck is $25,000.

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This 2022 Land Rover Defender is available at:
 314 Wilson Avenue, Unit E
Norwalk, CT  06854 | Get directions

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